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Paymaster: Saul Audelo



Years of service:


Marine Corps League service:

PAYMASTER. The Paymaster is the custodian of the Detachment's funds. The Paymaster shall; (1) Receive all incoming money and disburse that money according to instructions from the Detachment. (2) Assist in the preparation of the Detachment's budget. (3) Keep proper and necessary financial records and reports of the financial business of the Detachment. (4) Issue a Paymasters report at each Detachment meeting and make a full financial report annually.
(5) Receive membership dues, complete and forward membership transmittal in compliance with
Department and National Administrative procedures. (6) Complete and file State and Federal tax forms annually by 15 November.
(a) Must send one file copy of the following required documents to the Department Judge Advocate Letter of assignment of the Employer Identification Number, Articles of Incorporation, letter of confirmation of registration from the Registry of Charitable Trusts, letter of confirmation of tax exempt status from the Franchise Tax Board, and the Detachment Bylaws. (b) Must submit to the Department Paymaster by 1 October annually, a copy of the receipts for
filing their 990N and 199N forms (e-Postcard). (7) Surrender to the duly appointed successor all Detachment financial records, books and other
property of this office. (8) Responsible to ensure that the Detachment spends within the established budget.
(9) Perform such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary authority
adopted by the Detachment.

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