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Chaplain: Monika Rueda



Years of service:


Marine Corps League service:

CHAPLAIN. The Chaplain shall:
(1) Perform such duties of a spiritual nature as are customarily performed by members of the clergy and required by the National By-Laws and Administrative Procedures of the Marine Corps League, and in accordance with the Marine Corps League Ritual. (2) Upon notification of the demise of any member, immediately contact the family of the deceased member for the purpose of offering any assistance and presenting expressions of condolence. (3) Without delay, report the death of the member directly to both of the National Chaplain and Department Chaplain citing the full Name of the deceased, name, address, and phone number of next of kin, and any known funeral arrangements, utilizing the “Notice of Death Form". (4) Assist Member and families at time of death, as well as offering support to Marines or Marine families who are not members. (5) Provide invocations and services as required at meetings and social gatherings of Detachment members.
(6) Visit sick members or correspond as appropriate.

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